Need a Graphic card for a decent Cpu

So I need a good graphic card for my system, and here it is :)

Intel Duo Cpu E8400 3GHz
4Gb 800 MHz ram
460 W Power supply
Vista 32 bits
Good hard drive
and a 22 monitor 1680x1050
My current Video card is Geforce 8800 Gts 512mb (A bit old ;)

I´m looking for anything just a little below the ATI - Gigabyte HD5850 in cost.
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  1. $150 - 5770 or 4870
    $190 - 4890
    $280 - 5850
    $230 - 4850x2

    The 4850x2 is equal to two 9800GTXs/GTS250s in SLi or a single 5850. The problem is it runs hot and I don't think your PSU can handle x2 or dual-GPU cards.

    Get the 5770, which performs almost equal to a 4870 but supports dx11 and eyefinity and runs cooler. It is about 1.5 tiers above your 8800GTS 512mb.
  2. Thanks alot for the reply :)
    I´m willing to spend a little more money than the 5770 would cost, any other ideas?
    P.S. I´m looking at playing Bad company 2 maxed out with a good performance
  3. You may wanna wait for 5830 HD
    It is said to be priced around $200-$250.
    Will be great for resolution upto 1920x1200
    Infact, it'll perform exceptionall at 1920x1200 and will perform good at 2500x1600

    It'll be good for more than two years
  4. Any HD Radeon card within 8000 Indian Rupees???
  5. Any Idea when the 5830 HD will come out?
    What about the Geforce cards? I´v noticed that none of you have recomended those graphic cards :)
  6. Geforce cards are old and over-priced and dont have dx11, the new GTX 480/470 will, but they not out yet and chances are that when they are out, they will cost u a house
  7. Since you're only running at 1680x1050 I would recommend either a 5770 or 4890 depending on how cheap you can find them. If you really want to step up, go for the 5850 - but it might be overkill for your resolution by a bit.
  8. Yeah I could buy the 5850 and I do have the money for it but then I would have to buy another power supply at least 500 w I beleave :) When it comes to the 5770 I really have doubts, it seems like a ok card but then I would have to replace it in a year, so now my choice would be the 5850 and please tell me that I´m right about the power supply?
  9. You are right. There is basically no way that 460w power-supply is going to run a HD5850, along with the rest of your new parts. If it were me, I wouldn't even be putting those new parts in with a 460w power-supply. You can get something in the 600, 650, 700 watt power range for very cheap now.

    True, the 5770 will likely need to be upgraded within the next year or two. At this point the best 'price for performance' cards are the 4870/5770, 4890, GTX260 and 5850. I see hardly any reason to even consider anything but these(if you're on a budget).

    A 4890 will get the job done for you and more, but keep in mind it lacks the DX11 support - which I don't think is a big deal personally.
  10. Ok peeps, thanks alot for your replies :) Now I understand this a little better, the ATI 5770 is not a good card or maybe it´s good if you compare it with medium and low cards but I dont think it will last the year so I´m gonna buy the ATI 5850. That card look like a beast. :)
  11. A 5850 is for either RAW 2560x1600 or 1920x1200 with AA.
    At 1680x1050 a 5770 will be more than enough.
  12. No way sir, I think you are wrong. For example it´s not possible to run Fallout 3 or Crysis maxed out (or almoust) on the 5770, it´s a medium card and will be outdated in a year :)
  13. Excuse me? Its not possible to run Fallout 3 or Crysis Maxed out on the 5770? Hmm you could have fooled me as I've played both at max settings on my 5770 and never dipped below 40 FPS at 1080p resolution which is around the 1680x1050 mark. You take benchmarks too literally. Outdated in a year? Every piece of new technology is out-dated in a year. I bought my 4850 about 1 year ago exactly and its outdated already. If you have the cash get 2 x 5770s and run at 5870 speed then you don't have any worries about being "out-dated" in a year. heh.
  14. Well :) I´v tried it myself on a very good cpu on max with the 5770 on 1680x1050 on Crysis and it´s crap I must say. Anyways I love the Ati cards, the 5850 is just much better.
  15. If you want to max out every single game at 1680x1050 with 16xAA then it won't happen, many games are poorly optimized. While Crysis is godly optimized it still takes a lot of hardware.
    A 5770 will play most games at high with 2-8xAA.
  16. The 5850 is much better, simple as that. Why should I buy a low-middle 5770 when I have the money to buy the better one?
  17. I would just like to thank all of you who posted on my thread, u have been very helpfull to me :)
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