New computer build complete but cant get picture

So i just finished my computer build and i go to turn it on and i get a "no signal" message from the monitor. everything has been securely seated and i have went back and checked all power connections. I just dont know what else to try!!! Let me know asap if you know what may be up!!
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  1. "No video" issues are very common on new builds. In fact, we have a sticky that was created just to troubleshoot this exact problem. Please perform EVERY step in the READ before posting about boot problems! sticky at the top of the forum and let us know how it goes. #2 on the list is by far the most common mistake.
  2. Yep just ran through that list and everything is good. Everything is connected, securely in place and it still has no picture. Im not getting any beeps from the mobo and everything turns on just no picture on the monitor. Its acting as if its not recieving signal.
  3. Does your monitor have multiple inputs? If it does, select the correct one you used. If you used the DVI port, select DVI from the monitor. If you used the analog VGA connector, select VGA. You get the idea. Make sure that the monitor cable is securely attached.
  4. Did you install a system speaker so you can hear the BIOS beeps? Did you try with each stick of RAM by itself? Did you use standoffs between the case and motherboard? Did you perform the breadboarding step from the checklist where you build the system with the motherboard outside the case to rule out a short?

    What are your complete system specs? We need specifics like exact model numbers or links in order to best help.
  5. I installed the speaker and i do not get any beeps whatsoever. I have tried both sticks of ram seperatly. I also installed my standoffs and have now breadboarded. My system specs are

    CPU: i5 750
    MOBO: Asus P7P55D Pro

    Got a combo!! [...] mbo.338965

    Case and power from before: [...] mbo.330940

    Cpu cooler from before: [...] 6835103065

    Segate 7200.12 500gb: [...] 6822148395

    Memory that was recommended: [...] 6822148395
  6. btw i have built computers before this isnt my first. However this is my first where i get absolutely no picture.
  7. ok so i just noticed that im not getting any response from my keyboard either. I dont know if this has anything to do with it?
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