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Hi all :)

My birthday is coming up and my parents asked what i wanted, i honestly had no idea so i suggest some PC parts. The parts i suggested were a HIS or PowerColor 5850, Asus VK266H 26 inch wide Full HD 2ms LCD Monitor, and a TV Tuner (no idea which one yet, suggestions welcome) Anyway, the main question was, does anyone have any experience with the HIS or PowerColor 5850? They are the two cheapest 5850's in Australia at $370.

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  1. Basically all brands of HD 5850 roll off of the same production line. The only differences are the brand sticker and possible non-standard heatsink.

    Go for which offers the best warranty.
  2. I'd choose HIS over PowerColor. Used to hear, many years back, not such great things about PowerColor and am maybe myself unfairly today put off them...?

    some of the cheaper ones might use slightly cheaper loadout of components like capacitors etc
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