Possible fps boost? (Couple Questions)

I am wondering if I could get a decent fps gain in games if I overclock my cpu to 4GHz+? I got a phenom 2 x4 965 Black Edition at stock of 3.4 and a nvidia 660 ti Power edition from MSI. I am getting usually 40+ fps on pretty much all games with settings maxed out. but a couple games like Hitman Absolution and Saints row the third go down to 30. Is it possible to get more then 30 say 40+ if I increase my CPUs max frequency?

Also, what would be a good semi cheap cooler that would get me to that speed but keep it under 70 at full load? I like the noctua nh-d14 or thermalright silver arrow seem like overkill and are not that cheap.

Oh, my mobo is gigabyte ga-970-ud3
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  1. Get the hyper 212 evo i get 30 Idle and MAX 56 at max load with prime95 on 3.9 Ghz, its really great for the price. And from my point of view i get like 5-10 more fps with the overclock!
  2. That does have a nice price But for some reason the heat pipe arrangement bothers me, I don't know if I like them in little groups spread apart. Any other suggestions? XD
  3. I use a deepcool /logiysis mc3002gx on my 1100t , temps 22c idle 43c @100% all cores OCed , its 33c idle 54c 100% , also have a masscool for $9.00 that I use on my 8350
  4. That is what I call cheap lol XD It seems that most cheap heat sinks have that heat pipe design, if I really have to I can deal with it, provided it gives me good temps at an OC of around 4Ghz
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