MSI Afterburner does help with FPS

I just downloaded MSI afterburner for my GT 650m and I ran tests with MSI software that suggest that my FPS before and after upping the memory by 1000mhz and the core clock by 200mhz does not change at all. I get the same score in the test before and after which is 427. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Do you have to be gaming to notice the difference.
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    Do the clocks actually apply? If you move the slider but don't apply it then you won't see a difference. Additionally, there's gotta be something better than Kombuster (?) to test an OC, try 3DMark11 or something.
  2. +1 make sure you are pushing the "apply" button after you change the settings?
  3. And I meant to say that you probably shouldn't be overclocking a 650m, but that's your prerogative. :)
  4. Have you tested any games?

    I found that my card underclocked itself under applications like: Kombuster and Furmark.

    Try a program like Unigen Heaven 3.0.
  5. Thanks for all of the great replies. I have pressed the apply button. And my core clcok and memory did move up quite a bit. But yes I guess their are better apps to test FPS than the msi one. And in borderlands it does play better, noticably. So I guess I will try a better software to test.
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