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I am looking for a air cooled gaming case that will keep all of my components nice and cool. I have the following,,,, XFX 750I SLI motherboard, currently running an XFX 8600GT graphics card (want to expand that area with two different ones?) a card reader and will have 1 cd/dvd drive and a dvd burner. If anyone can help that would be great. I am currently looking at getting the antec twelve hundred full tower. cause the video cards i want are huge!
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  1. I bought a Silverstone Raven 2 half a year ago and never looked back. All your components and the I/O shield are facing not at the back side of the case, but upwards - it has three 180mm silent fans built into the bottom, blowing straight up - directly onto the components and out of the case at the top. Just be sure to use a tower cooler for your CPU, so it works with the airflow.
    The cooling power of this case is amazing. I have a Phenom 9850 OC to 3,1x4 GHz and the temperature never passes 45°C.
    I really don't understand why conventional cases still exist. This 90° rotation is simply better, period.
    I'm sure the info on the website will be better understandable than my fanboyish ramblings, though. Look up
  2. HAF 922. It's $90, and easily one of the best cases ever made. It's the number one suggestion. Spending more for anything else is not a good idea.

    The HAF may say it's a mid tower, but it's actually bigger than some full tower cases. The case will fit an HD 5970 (the longest card on the market) with room to spare.
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