Upgrading from 550ti to "blank"

I have done some research and have asked on various different forums about different video cards, but never really came to a final decision because I either felt like I was going overboard or under what I actually need.

I currently have a gtx 550 ti and it does everything I need it to do in terms of gaming but it will not support more than 2 monitors.

I plan to have a 5 monitor setup. 4 lcd screens + 1 tv across the room.

I don't plan on using more than 1 screen for all the games I play. No eyefinity or surround needed. I just need to be able to run other tasks on the other monitors while I play a game on my main monitor.

Here is a picture of how I am planning to set it up.


I dont play graphic intensive games like bf3 or skyrim. Most graphic intensive game I play is probably cs:go but barely even play that.

I play cs 1.6 / LoL.

I prefer nvidia cards over amd cards.

My top choice was gtx 660 non ti but I dont think it can run 5 monitors unless I use 2 video cards in non-sli mode. So I think nvidia cards are out the question unless someone can tell me for a fact that you can run 5 monitors in sli mode.

If I can't use nvidia cards for what I want then I think it comes down to 7870 vs 7850. I am really interested in the 7850 though. Mainly because of it's price.

Feel free to comment and give your thoughts on what would be the best fit for my needs. Thanks.
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  1. Sorry for the horrible picture. lol. I tried my best to use windows paint xD
  2. I can't comment on the nvidia question, but as for AMD cards, the 7950 is very compelling but I don't know your budget. Make sure whichever AMD card you look at, that you are getting the Eyefinity version. I think the non-eyefinity models can only do 2 monitors at once, regardless of the actual connectors on the back of the card.

    edit - there is also Eyefinity 6, which you guessed it allows 6 screens at once.
  3. I also read rumors than the AMD 8xxx series are going to be released around winter time. So should I wait until they release those and hope the 7 series prices drop?
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