1055T build compatibility, and Question about over drawing my account.


I am 90% sure this is all compatible, any objections? Ordering tonight POSSIBLY (ordering the CPU at least any way).

Total comes to $428, I only have $420, Bill me later i am not eligible for. I dont really want to pay for a overdraft Fee, but i rather not wait. Shame Newegg wont let me make 2 easy payments plus like a $15 fee.

Question is, about how much is a overdraft fee? Also will i only get 1 fee if i run to the store and withdrawl $50 to live off of for a week? Is the fee worth it? Been looking forward to this for a long ass time, dont feel like waiting.

Or is there an alternative to borrowing $50? I may ask my Grandma for $50.
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  1. Dont overdraft, you can wait a few more days. Its $20 for an overdraft fee from my bank, not sure about yours.
  2. +1 for wait i dont know US but its about £30 UK bank fees
  3. Yes don't get into debt over anything, especially not a new computer for the sake of $8 :p
  4. Grand-Ma gave me $50, sweet. Thanks Guys.
  5. FYI, overdrafts usually go on your credit, I was told this by my credit union.
  6. chaosgs said:
    Grand-Ma gave me $50, sweet. Thanks Guys.

    Nice, have a great build. All that should work fine together.

    And for the hell of it:
  8. You're a funny guy AMW.
  9. AMW1011 said:

    And for the hell of it:

    What was in that bag? Bricks? :lol:
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