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I am using a Sony Vaio VGN-N385E and I can not burn CDs. I can ready DVDs and CDs but every time I try to burn a cd, I will get a little into it then a error message opens saying there is something wrong with the CD. But these are brand new un-opened CDs what do I do.
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  1. Does the problem persists with dvd's also.?? Try with a different recording software.. IMGBURN is good if you are not using it already.. Also try burning at lower spin rates say at 24X..
  2. Have not tried using DVDs. I am trying to burn audio CDs. I have tried different burning programs and different brands of CD-Rs. I used the same CDs on a friends computer to burn a CD and it worked fine. But when I try to burn CDs it keeps saying that there is a problem with the CD. But I really don't think it is the CDs. Also tried burning at slower speeds and it did not help. I used to be able to burn CDs fine, but maybe over time from Updates or something.... Something went wrong, not sure.
  3. It sounds like you have a bad burner. Replace the burner, and you should be able to burn CDs just fine.
  4. What software are you using? WMP? iT? other?
  5. I've used CDBurnerXP, AShampoo, Windows Media Player, Roxio and Sonic Stage. In some cases I would do a test run and the test would be good, but when I burn the CD an error would occur saying something is wrong with the disc or hard drive. I am using a Window Home Premium OS
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