XFX ATI HD 4870 Crashes on every game after 2 or 5 mins....

I have XFX ATI Raden HD 4870 and it will crash to black screen and the sound is coming from the speakers and sometimes it hand the system with black screen. i ask XFX support for this and he say check this card on another board so i check it and the it again crash to black screen .... but when i post a reply that card perform the same on another machine then no reply from the XFX support.

Before crash my card temp is 75c . i check this by adding another monitor to the display and i saw this. when i search on this i found this temp no more a danger. I open the case and play again but the result remain same. So what do i do. is my card a faulty One.

I also speed up my fan to 100% but still same as i found ATI 4800 series have a fan problem but still the problem is unsolved.

my ATI HD 4870 is a single slot card, 1Gb DDR5.
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  1. Offtopic: Interesting. I was thinking of buying the same card in a few days. IMO check u have adequate power supply for it. Also check if the drivers are latest. If still then probably faulty and u have to rma.
  2. I had the same problem. My 4870 emits a loud noise (i think the fan) and my screen goes black. What I did was I changed my power supply. Maybe your power supply isn't enough.
  3. If u already try your card on different machine and the problem still exist then it's obviously your card is defective...
    (are u sure your PSU can handle that card?)
  4. Yup.....after all i got a new one after warranty with more accessories. its not shutting down but too much hot like i saw last time its 85C.....and i just running the game for about 5 mins.........now i think of buying a cooler for it or some other etc stuff like rotor fan for it..........any suggestion about cooler or extra fan........?
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