Ethernet , USB or wireless?

What do you prefer, for speed and what not?
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  1. It is a vague question... speed for what?
  2. For what purpose anyway?

    Gigabit lan, by far is the best when it comes to latency and speed, but there's the whole cable thing.

    Wireless may not be as fast, but it is convenient.

    USB requires that you move the flash drive or any storage device between computers.
  3. I use homeplug. Better than wireless, but not as good as a direct connection to the router.
  4. I just voted for all three, because they come in handy for all eventualities. I'm a homeplug fan too cos I couldn't be @r$ed dropping a cable from one room to another. But each have their own merit in different situations. I agree it's a vague question, but if it's just for data transfer, Ethernet. Haven't had any experience with USB 3 yet though.
  5. I would have loved homeplug, but the prices are killer. With the prices of decent homeplugs, I could buy a bigger and better router.
  6. Me and the other half play WoW, need best conn we can get, imo cable gives me that but our router is wireless cause the Gf uses her lappy about the house and both our phones are wifi too
  7. "And whatnot"

    Kay so if we remove that part you are just asking about speed... and the fact is that ethernet is faster; there is no opinion there, it is fact.

    Otherwise, you need to specify what you mean by "and whatnot"
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