Active Heatsink Inconcsistency

For some odd reason, my computer stays nearly silent during normal use, and even stay silent during a full-blown 10 minute stress test, but as soon as I am in certain games (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) my PC gets extremely loud. Both my outtake fans are controlled manually by a switch, so it's only my intake fan and CPU heatsink fan. I have a stock intake fan and a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo heatsink and fan.

Is there any way to keep the volume consistent? I know the fans don't need to speed up since it can stay quiet during a stress test.

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  1. what about the gpu fan when you play games you should leave at least one exaust fan on
  2. Well, what sort of stress test are you running? The fan noise is probably from your graphics card, which wouldn't show up in a CPU stress test.
  3. Scout, I have them both on, it's just that they're consistently quiet. Yes, it was a CPU stress test. Guess it is the Graphics Card.

  4. check if there is a way for you to get intake and outake fan with more cfm power and if you could send more air to your graphic card that will help to reduce the speed you gpu fan have to go to cool it
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