Which chip to o/c? And in which board?

Hey guys.

I have two chips and two boards, and I recently picked up a corsair h100. As the title implies, I need to know which chip/board combo will give me better overclocking results.

CPUs :
AMD Phenom II Quad Core 970 Deneb 3.5GHz Black Edition

AMD Vishera FX-6300 Hex-core 3.5GHz Black Edition

Mobos :
MSI 890fxa-GD70

MSI 970a-G46

Please discuss at length. This will be my first overclock, and I'd like as much information as I can get.
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    wow that 970 looks exactly like the old msi 990xa-gd55 overclocking sucks on that board. my temps read wrong, if i over clocked it only a hair more than normal i would get no video, and my multiplier wouldnt go past 19 or 20x even when setting higher for my 6300. i would say sell both the boards and buy better preferably if you are overclocking. all the lower end boards msi said they have limited overclocking ability thats the reason i returned mine
  2. Phenom II 970 and a 990x or 990fx board
  3. Yeah... I've had the one MSI board for a while, but i can return the 970a-G46.

    I'm looking at this Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3

    Now I need to find some black/white ram with decent timings to match it.
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  5. Corsair Vengeance in black is nice,
    and mobo-wise I'd recommend AsRocks 890Fx series, my 975 hits 4.6GHz solid on a deluxe5
    you probably won't get much over 4.2GHz on normal cooling though with a decent chip,
    I'd check out the Black edition clocking guide at the top of the section if I were you though, starting out and all
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