Can i put 8gb in a dual channel supportted?

i got a ga-g31m-es2l and it supports ddr2 memory

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it's said suport limit of 4gb
can i put 2 4gb cards
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  1. From there supported memory list(PDF file on the site) it says you can use 2 x 4 gig stick from Kingston. I have seen Elpida memory sold under there own name as well. There is another set listed there as well.
  2. 2x2gb will be fine the chipset dictates the majority of the specs (Intel G31/m)
  3. oh and 8gb - wouldnt bother with that sort of rig based of an entry level board for the day - not worth it
  4. 8gb was just a wondering
    i think i'll get 4 gb and that's fine
    the problem is i live in brasil and i'm going to us in december and i was planing shopping because in my fuckin country we pay double you pay there
    eg. an 360 arcade at release date costed here 1800 reais which means U$$900,00
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