Help connecting 2x 3pin fans to 4pin mobo header

I'm using an ASRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard that has a 4pin fan header called CHA_FAN1. I'm trying to connect two Aerocool Shark 120mm LED fans to this header.

I bought this: to connect the fans to the one 4pin header on the mobo.

The Shark fans are only 3pin fans but come with an 4pin molex-3pin adapter. Can I connect the Gelid Solutions splitter to mobo, then connect the 4pin female end to the following?

Then connect that to the following molex-3pin adapter?

Then connect the adapter to the Shark fan? Will this power the fans and still allow for mobo controlled PWM functionality of the two Shark fans or am I going about this all wrong? I have a gut feeling that this is very jerry-rigged and ultimately wrong.
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  1. you could do that only problem is if its when connecting a 3 pin to a 4 fan pin will cause the fans to run at full speed. also you could be drawing to much power through that one header with two fans.
  2. So technically it would work but I wouldn't be able to get what I wanted most out of my fans?

    If this is the case, I found this other fan cable splitter:

    I guess this would simplify the wiring at least.
  3. you could wreck the header drawing to many watts through it or even kill the fans. you could get a cheap fan controller like this

    or even get a single lcd 2 fan controller for like 20 bucks. the lcds are nice since they have a temp monitor you can place and set it so it speeds up and down automatically
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