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Hey guys, quick question for you. I want to run dual monitors and I would prefer them to both be HDMI. My current monitor already runs HDMI and I was wondering, if I got another HDMI monitor, would I be able to use some kind of HDMI signal splitter to run both monitors off of one port or would I need to a). forget HDMI and run VGA or b). buy another video card (or one with 2 HDMI ports on it)?

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  1. Why not use a HDMI to DVI converter? They are both the same type of signal only DVI dose not carry sound. I am not aware of any graphics card that has two HDMI outputs on it, most are 2DVI 1HDMI or DVI HDMI VGA.
  2. Oh, alright. That would work. So would I just run an HDMI cable to one monitor and a DVI cable to the other? (I'm assuming that DVI is digital and better than VGA). Or do I still get a splitter for my HDMI signal?
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    Im assuming your current card has a DVI and HDMI output, all you need to do is have a HDMI cable to your monitor like normal and have a DVI to HDMI converter pluged into the DVI output on the card and have another HDMI cable go to your second monitor from the converter. DVI signal and HDMI signal are the same.
  4. Ok, thanks. That will work. And yea my card has DVI and HDMI. Just out of curiosity, if DVI and HDMI signal are the same, then why does it require converting the DVI to HDMI? Is it that one is just a "higher quality" signal than the other one?
  5. DVI and HDMI carry the same kind of signal, DVI just got big fat cable and doesnt carry sound, whereas HDMI a lot smaller and carries sound as well.
    Using HDMI doesnt carry much benefits apart from a much smaller cable over HDMI, i doubt you really want to use cheap on-monitor speakers
  6. So then why would I need to convert the DVI cable to HDMI if I'm only going to run sound out of one monitor (I don't have speakers right now, nor do I REALLY need them at the moment, but eventually I will get some). If they're the same signal, then I should be able to get 1080 out of both outputs and therefore on both monitors without using a DVI to HDMI converter. Or am I wrong?
  7. I suppose I should say adapter rather than converter, all you are realy doing is changing the size of the plug from the big white oval (DVI) to the smaller compact USB like HDMI.
  8. Oh, ok so it's just so that I'll be able the smaller HDMI cable over the fat DVI then? Well that makes sense. Thanks!
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