RMA or Death!! (on a Sapphire 5750)

Read around on several forums, MSI, AMD/ATI...and still no boot, no post with my Sapphire 5750. I bought it through New Egg, not sure if I should RMA it or not. My motherboard is a 5 yr. old board, an MSI RS-480M. I had a 4850 in here before, and it ran perfectly. Maybe it's the 57XX chipset??

Thing I haven't done, 1) clear CMOs - maybe needed.

I did how ever update my BIOs to v. 1.5, newest.

My power supply is a Antec NEO HE550W, seem pretty good.

Running 2GB DDR ram, and an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Clawhammer core.

Not sure what the issue is, can some please help??

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  1. Well, try your card on another computer, if the same result happened then rma your card...
  2. Have you set your bios to use the card in PCI slot instead of the integrated graphics? I don't know about MSI boards but in Gigabyte boards, the bios would be set to optimized defaults after the update.
  3. After the update, I set it to auto, which prioritizes it to 1. PCIE, PCI, then Integrated. cleared my cmos, and tried to load optimized defaults, rebooted, and many beeps came with it, then a continuous siren of beeps until manual shut down. very weird. Can't try the card on another system, that PSU is rated at 400W only.

    Should I have had my card in after clearing the CMOS??
    Too concerned with getting everything back after clearing CMOs, system wouldn't boot after, but resolved by letting the system discharge.

    Not sure.

  4. you sure you hasn't forgot to install power supply's pcie cable to your graphics card
  5. definitely plugged in PCIE are spinning and everything appears ok, physically.
  6. I would suggest you try to boot the computer without the 5750 first, check if it would run fine with the integrated graphics only. This is to check if the bios update is good and everything aside from the video card is good. If ok, then you have isolated the problem to the video card.
  7. "a continuous siren of beeps until manual shut down"

    THat would be a sign of low power to the video card - as was mentioned be sure that the 6-pin PCI-e video plug is well seated (the card will pull enough power from the MOBO bus to spin the fan etc. even if the PCI-e connector is not well seated) and the continuous Beep would signify it not being connected properly.
  8. My computer runs fine when I take out the 5750 and run on onboard graphics. I sorry to clarify for the last post, I read to load optimized defaults in my BIOs, for the card need this, but the continuous beep thing happened when I tried to do this, just onboard graphics, no card. I haven't tried putting it back in since I cleared the CMOs. As far as the power being well seated, it's well connected on both ends, PSU and the card.
  9. Since my last post, I have left my card in and plugged my monitor into my onboard to see if I can get into windows, and PNP the card. Still no dice, won't identify the card, doesn't exist according to my computer. Is the card dead, or what?? To verify if the PCIE power cable was the issue, I used theirs that can with it, still no dice. What the heck am I doing wrong?? The previous XFX 4850 I had ran great with this, just trying to make the leap to something new.

  10. I know this may sound dumb, but I have a 3-4 yr. old Antec Neo HE 550w, could that be the problem why card isn't working??
  11. i have a ocz modstream 450w psu and i having the same problem with an sapphire 5750 vapor-x board. the problem doesn't seens to be the psu, since other people, with better power suplies are having the same problem.
    don't know what to do with this card!
  12. My motherboard may not accept the card, it's an MSI RS482M, about 4 years old. Installed the new bios (v1.5), and still no dice. I got a Corsair TX650, and still the same problem, it must be the mobo.

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    hi krisbok. i'm pretty sure that this is not a mobo issue. i spended hours yesterday searching about this and found lots of users with the same problem. some with the sapphire vapor-x, and some not. some with nvidia based mobos, and some not.
    although my power suply is a bit underpowered (ocz 450w modstream) i'm confident that this is enough to run this card (i used to run an 8800gts 320mb).
    but with all theses reports of failing 5750, i'm not shure if i'm going to change to another 5750 or to another board.
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