I overclocked my I5-2500k to 4.3 ghz but for some reason it doesnt seem like much of a performance boost not sure why was wondering why and if i need to overclock it more to get it to be noticeable.

ANY input would be nice sorry for the vague question but im new to overclocking
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  1. performance boost in what? Also overclocking does not scale 100%. This means if you increase the clock speeds by 20% you will not get a 20% improvement. If you are testing for games, it depends more on the graphics card because the 2500k can handle all the games no problem.

    On another note, if you are using the stock cooler for overclocking, it might be overheating and you will lose performance.
  2. well im boosting it mainly for planetside 2 at the moment that game is cpu heavy as hell its making it difficult for it to max settings with high frames
  3. im still new to it all i was going to oc my gfx next but soooo much info hard to do it on ur own when you are new to it since so much can go wrong
  4. What graphics card are you using?
  5. gtx 580 hydro copper 2
  6. hmmm your computer should have no problem maxing out the game. So it might be the temps if you are using the stock cooler, but judging from your build you probably bought an aftermarket one.

    Are you getting low frame rates or something? I can see no reason why your system will have problems with the game, even at stock frequencies.
  7. well its more the game giving the problems the game only is 2 weeks old so it will be awhile for it to be running perfect i was hoping to find work around for better perfromance before that from what i read it is a cpu heavy game
  8. Is the 2500K in your loop? If so, you should be able to push it even futher.
  9. yeah but sadly at 4.3 under load it hits like 50c and according to the monitors it max is 50c dont know what thats about
  10. That's decent, have you tried aiming 4.5ghz?
  11. right now im still new to the voltage etc im clueless and the guides on tomshardware isnt enough to explain that part so the highest i cna get it before i get blue screen is 4.3
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