1.35 voltage ram

I've been looking at different sets of 1600 speed ram with cas latency of 7 and I've come up with these two

g skill

both are the same price and both seem to have the same stats, which one of these would be best, or are they exactly the same?
which company has better customer service, g skill or mushkin?

does a ram chip being 1.35v rather than 1.65v mean that I can overclock it more, or what advantage do I receive when I buy 1.35v ram over 1.65v ram?
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  1. You need to post your MOBO, otherwise you've got "Pot Luck RAM."

    Quote from me:
    Tested is memory the RAM Mfg has confirmed that worked on the particular MOBO in ADDITION to Certified RAM that the MOBO Mfg has confirmed & certified that works {XMP} listed RAM.

    1. Certified RAM: MOBO Mfg {e.g. ASUS, GA, MSI, etc} tested and certified; including BIOS XMP recognized.

    2. Tested RAM: RAM Mfg {e.g. Corsair,G.SKILL, Kingston, etc} tested and confirmed to work properly with a particular MOBO.

    3. Pot Luck RAM: Seeing is believing, it is nearly impossible to know what RAM wiil or won't work. Further, OP's cannot determine which RAM to choose correctly 9/10 times. So telling the OP to "pick any RAM" is Poor Advice.
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    However, as a generality Low CAS {latency is better}; Low CAS + High Speed is better; and if your MOBO supports lower Voltage then if ALL is equal the lover Voltage offers more thermal overhead to OC. My preferences are {Corsair, G.SKILL, Mushkin, and Kingston} in that order. I 'get' the cool look of Mushkin but they are fickle and unforgiving in all things being equal.

    Any more advise from anyone is a guessing game.
  3. this is the motherboard
  4. Looking over the Tested, your {F3-12800CL7D-4GBECO} is on the list and for the money is good. The Corsair +$15{CMP4GX3M2A1600C8} is a good alternative to the Ripjaws if you are seeking to OC.

    ASUS P7P55D-E Pro {Memory Support List} -
    G.SKILL -
    Corsair -
  5. but which one has better customer service if I need to get them replaced, or should I just buy the cheaper one when the time comes?
  6. Slitting hairs, Corsair but G.SKILL is also very good. If it were me and I wasn't pushing an OC then go with the G.SKILL.
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