ATI 5770 + Nvidia 8800GTS, trying to test if physx work! HELP

I just did the trick using Phys mod 1.02 to get nvidia to enable physx in the nvidia control panel, but when I try to use FluidMark to test it.. my system keep crashing and reboot.. Furthmore, I tried clicking in FluildMark "Display Physx Properties," but nothing show up.

I have even tried GeeXLab and it does the same thing, crashed my computer and then reboot.. can anyone help plz..why I can't run test or why it keep crashing?
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  1. Are you using Windows 7, I think it is not possible to have 2 video drivers on any other OS.
  2. Hi,
    I am currently using Window 7 x64 bit and I believe you can do ATI+ nvidia as physx on it..

    I installed the latest driver for my ATI 5770 and driver 196.21 for my nvidia gts8800.. I checked nvidia control panel and it showed physx "enabled." Problem is I'm trying to test if it is indeed running as a physx with my ATI 5770. But everytime I test it on FluidMark I get system crash and then rebooted...
  3. Perhaps you will have to use one of the older 186.## drivers.
  4. FluidMark NEVER worked for me when I tried it with my 4830/9500GT combo (now 5870/8800GT, still doesn't work). However, any other program or game I've tried has worked perfectly. Batman: AA has full PhysX acceleration and 3Dmark Vantage confirms it is active as well.

    Try another program.
  5. Yes, DL the Batman: AA demo if you don't have the game;
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