My new XFX HD5770 won't work with my computer. No boot, no POST.

I have a new PCIe XFX HD5770 that refuses to work in my computer. It will not boot at all and the screen is totally blank.

AMD 620 Quad core
Biostar a770e3 mobo
4GB DDR3 corsair
650W Silverstone PSU (OP650)

What could be the problem here?

6 Pin power cable is definitely plugged in. Monitor is plugged into the GPU using the supplied DVI to VGA adapter. Monitor is definitely receiving power as well.

If I plug in my old old PCI Geforce FX 5200 the computer can boot up without any problems. Windows XP and Windows 7.
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  1. Try your card on another computer, see whether it's working or not...
    And try to update your motherboard.
  2. Try going into your settings (pre-post) and update your VGA option to PCI-E instead of PCI.
  3. Quote:
    Maybe the DVI to VGA adaptor is bad. This must be a old monitor if it still has a vga cable. Know anyone with a DVI monitor you could try? If that doesn't work, put the old card back in and try updating your bios.

    But even if the adapter was bad, that doesn't explain why the computer wouldn't boot or load up the OS. (Only when the XFX card is installed; the computer boots up fine when I take the XFX card out.)
  4. wa1 said:
    Try your card on another computer, see whether it's working or not...
    And try to update your motherboard.

    I have already updated the mobo to the most current bios driver available on Biostar's website. 1/15/10 78XAD115BS Bios
  5. Any other ideas, or did I probably receive a Dead On Arrival card?
  6. If everything are negative then rma your card to get a replacement...
  7. I have a new i3 540 + dp55wb + Seventeam 650w PSU and it works perfectly with my old geforce 7600GT but won´t boot with my new XFX 5770 card. I´ve send back to seller and he said that it works perfectly for him. I don´t know what to do anymore. I´ve upgraded the MB BIOS, and nothing. Someone could help. I don´t know what to do anymore and i´ve seeing a lot of people with the same problem with others MB and CPU configuration. HEEEEELLLPPP ME PLEASE!!!
  8. You should talk to XFX directly. My card was found to be faulty by XFX and they sent me a replacement.
  9. is ur mobo making any beep sounds at startup.....
  10. is ur mobo has crossfire capability? if so then try to fix ur card into another slot maybe this could help fr u
  11. Your mobo had an old PCI video, and you put a PCIe card into it?

    I had a Gigiabyte GF 5800, and it was AGP.

    I don't think anyone could force a PCIe card into an AGP or PCI slot anyway.

    Is the 6-pin pwr cord from ur PSU, or did you use an adpater for a 4-pin molex. I think you have use a 2x4 pin molex to 1-6 pin adpater, I cud b rong.

    SORRY, just noticed the OP is 2 months old. Look like XFX replaced his card.
  12. Can we get a follow-up to the OP here?
    I always like to read about the resoultion/outcome.
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