X58A-UD3R RAM Problem

Hello all,

I've got a X58A-UD3R with 3 sticks of 2GB G. Skill F3-12800CL9-2GBNQ. However, when running prime95 to test the rig, I noticed that the computer would only use about 50% of the ram. I used System Information for Windows and it reported that my motherboard's maximum memory module size was 1024 MBytes.
What is going on?
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  1. Prime 95 stresses the CPU not the RAM, it does stress some RAM to but it does not take it to 100% use age. If you want to check your RAMs stability run Memtest.

    Your motherboard can handle 2GB sticks, come on its an X58, high end! Right click on my computer and select properties. It will tell you how much RAM the PC has.

    Your fine, don't worry so much. :) Hope that helps.
  2. Right, I was just being stupid. I ran memtest and intel burn test and they both reported that all of the ram is working. My problem is solved, thanks!
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