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question about post, i have a old dell inspiron 9300 laptop, and.. want to do a fresh install, and do the Dell Driver & Utility disc have windows preloaded on it? so all i would have to do is wipe the drive, pop the disc in, and put the windows key in?
thanks all for help and posts!
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  1. No, that disc is drivers and, well, utilities. It's not the OS restore disc. That is a separate disc, usually sort of a maroon color while the driver disc is a bright blue. So don't go wiping the drive until you find that second disc. Then it is basically putting the OS disc in the drive, booting from it, and following instructions. Later you use the driver disc to install the drivers for the system, or alternately you can go to the Dell website, put in the system's service tag, and grab the latest versions of the drivers.
  2. thank you much kindly! guess i'll be on the hunt for that disc.. can i use any windows xp 32 bit os disc? or does it have to be the one that came with the laptop? thank you much again! will select best answer!
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