"XFX Radeon HD 4770" vs "XFX ATI HD4850" Which is better?

Hi, I'm looking at getting a new graphics card, and I came across this one here:
XFX Radeon HD 4770

I also came across this one:
XFX ATI HD4850 512MB

The 4850 looked like it had better gpu and flops speed, and actually a bit cheaper than the 4770. (prices are in AUD)
But the 4850 is GDDR3, when the 4770 is GDDR5.

So I'm not sure which is better...

I'm just wondering, does anyone else know of a card that is better than these (or around the same quallity) for cheaper than this or around the same price?
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  1. Can u tell us your current specs? cpu, ram, mobo, psu, monitor?
    And how much do u want to spend?
    4xxx series are an old tech, u will better with the new 5xxx series... :)
  2. Simply comparing card for card, the 4850 is quite a bit faster than the 4770.
  3. I am running an Intel I7 core CPU with 1 2GB DDR3 Ram card.
    The graphics card I currently own (overheated and dead from last computer set up), is now dead: Nvidia GeForce 7900 GT/GTX

    I want to spend no more than $200
    I am buying in Australia
  4. see how much a 5770 costs and maybe go with that
  5. The 4770 is actually new tech but not dx11. It built on the 40nm die , as the new 5 series is. Its about 10% slower than a 4850. Can o/c to same speed , runs cool, less power the same rigamarole as the 5 series.
    ATI Radeon™ HD 4770
    Forty is the New Deadly.

    Probably buy the cheaper card, unless heat is at all a factor. It won't be with one card, but if you crossfire 2 of them, thats another factor to consider.
  6. Ok I've gotten lots of ideas now about what cards I should get, so its gonna be a toss up between these cards by the looks of it:

    Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 5670 $132.00
    Selling Points: Core clock 785 MHz, with 4000MHz of Memory (running with 1GB GDDR5)

    XFX ATI HD4850 512MB $172.00
    Selling Points: full TeraFLOP - Memory Clock (MHz)
    1900MHz (But runs with GDDR3)

    XFX ATI Radeon HD 5750 $169
    Selling Points: Core clock 700 MHz, with 4600MHz of Memory (running with 1GB GDDR5)

    To me, the 5670 seems to be the best buy, seeing as it is around $40 cheaper than the 5750 and has about the same specs.
    Unless someone thinks that the 4600MHz in the 5750 makes it better, even though the clock speed is slower than the 5670...

    And the 4850 seems to be a little blown out of the water if its memory speed is half of the others, and is running GDDR3. Would I be right in assuming this is the lower end card here?

    What are your thoughts guys?

    P.S If you think you know of a better deal, let me know
  7. Personally I wouldn't go for any of those cards. You can find a 4870 or 5770 for similar prices and they'll demolish the cards mentioned above. What resolution do you run at by the way?
  8. Metalweenis, I haved looked for a 5770 for around simalar prices, and there are none that are in the same price range.
    I did like the look of it, but I couldnt find any 5770's for under $220 AUD...
    Have you seen any for cheaper than $200 AUD?
  9. 5750 is the best out of the bunch you were looking at. Definitely don't get the 5670; it'll be a huge drag on your CPU.

    But the 5770 is going to easily beat any of those three cards. Trust me, you'll be very glad later if you spend the extra $20 now. The video card is not a good place to save a few bucks by downgrading, unless you're at the low end or the very top end (i.e. 5870).
  10. also, for reference: check out the review this site did on the 5670. Here's a link to some of the performance testing, and you can see it gets beaten pretty soundly by even the 4770, and murdered by the 5750.


    Basically, the 5670 was designed to be the low-power-consumption DirectX 11 card so that people with early dual-core machines can technically be compatible with DX11 without needing to replace their crappy 375W power supply. It is not what I would recommend for a high-performance system under any circumstances; it just does not have the power.
  11. Yeah, just spend the extra money, in this case it really is worth it.
    You cannot compare graphic cards by looking at the specs. You cannot tell anything from merely looking at the specs and comparing core speed, memory speed, amount of memory, etc. You will be horribly disappointed if you rely on that to make your purchase. This is like saying a Pentium 4 running at 3.2ghz is much faster than an i7 running at 2.66ghz. See what I mean? It don't work like that!
    You have to look at the reviews, and actual benchmarks in games you might be running, and of course opinions from the forum.
    That is the ONLY way to choose a GPU.
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