Gigabyte 775 sli mobo

I'm after a Gigabyte 775 slot mobo, with sli for dule 460s can take 4 gig ddr2 800 and 1066 fsb or be able to handle a q6600.

must have 6 sata slots doesnt matter with raid, and 4 usb slots and onboard 5.1 ^.^
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  1. About the only LGA775 they still make with those requirements.
  2. doesnt matter if they dont make it anymore i can just hang ount on ebay for it
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    This is the best Gigabyte SLI board...

    I would recommend going with either ASUS, EVGA or MSI to get a 700 (750i, 780i, or 790i) series board instead.
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  5. Thanks mate, just need to track one down now.
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