NVidia 7950 GT Broken Graphics!

Hello, this is my first time posting.
I am a gamer and recently got a new PC. I was rather excited for it, as my last one had been broken for almost a year, and anything was better than nothing. I was told that my graphics card (nVidia 7950 GT) would be a good graphics card and run games rather well. When i load up a game, it runs fine. Except Left4Dead 1 and 2. But, the graphics are all jumbled. Random spots in the walls seem to jump all over the place, and attach themselves to other objects. I know its not my graphics card thats faulty, as I tried another graphics card (same model) and the same problem occured. I'm not sure what i should do, and if it would have anything to do with my processor. I have 2 Intel Pentium 4 3.GHz processors running in my computer (or so my device manager says) and im running Windows XP 32-bit
Any help will be much appreciated.
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  1. have u try your card on another computer?
    What about the temps?
  2. Sounds like you need to go to Nvidia and download/install the latest video drivers. Make sure that you have the latest DirectX installed as well. That 7950 Gt is getting a bit long in the tooth, it might be time to upgrade to a more modern video card. Btw, is that card AGP or PCI-E?
  3. I have the latest video drivers, and the latest DirectX9
    And whats an AGP or PCI-E? Not very good when it comes to hardware terms :\
  4. maybe its the refresh rates of your monitor? or, have you been OCing your card? if so, then it must be faulty. its pretty old, it might have just gave up because of time.

    i believe that is an AGP card because you mentioned you are using it on a pentium 4 machine?
  5. It refreshes at 60 Hertz, when I play games anyway. I've tried using other monitors, but the same result ensued. And it was fresh out of a box as well, so i dunno.
    I also have no idea what OCing my card is.
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