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Hey all,
I just finished assembling y first home built computer and is it quite gratifying. I am a total neophyte about all of this but I wanted to get some advice about my voltage and temp settings in my BIOS. I have not installed Windows 7 yet, but everything seems to be up and running.

Here's my set up:
Athlon II X4 630
Gigabyte 785GMT-UD2H

My current settings in my PC Health menu in BIOS show a:
Vcore of 1.44
CPU Temp 41 F
System Temp 35 F

I'm using the stock cooler. Is this normal? It seems that people are reporting idle temps that are 6-15 degrees lower than what I'm getting right now. I have 4 fans running in my case. 2 are 120mm, 1 at front intake and 1 at rear exhaust and then 2 80 mm fans on the side one doing intake the other exhaust. They are all hooked up directly to the power supply. Should one be connected to the motherboard? Does this matter?

My core voltage of the cpu in the Intelligent Tweaking shows my voltage at 1.375 on auto settings? Is this good? Should it be lowered? I'd like to think my temps would have been lower.
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  1. It's hard to say if the temps are good or bad. There are a lot of factors, including but not limited to the ambient temp, location of the tower, any other heat generating items nearby, what the intake is drawing air from, etc. The real question isn't what the temp shows in BIOS, but what the temp is under full load. Install Windows, download Prime95 and Real Temp and let them run for over an hour. That will give a better picture of the temperatures.
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