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I'm looking into buying a new case, and had my eye on the Corsair 600t white edition. The case I have now is a cooler master HAF 932 advanced which is a full tower. My only concern is if I will have enough space with my video card and CPU cooler. I have the MSI Twin Frozr II lightning and a hyper 612 fan. Both of these items are pretty big, especially the video card. Anyone out there have the case and can tell me about the space and storage and if my items will fit? Would greatly appreciate it!

Specs if needed:
Mobo:Gigabyte p67a-ud3-b3

PS:Silencer 760 watt

GPU: MSI 580GTX lightning.

CPU:i7 2600k @4.0Ghz

Cooling:Cooler Master hyper 612
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