GTS 250 100 celsius under load

Hi, i have a Gigabyte gts 250 1gb that was running fine for several months, but recently it has started overheating like crazy, reaching up to 105 celcius under load, and idling at 70 celsius. For example, it was at idling at 65, i started up bioshock, and about 10 minutes later i got a black screen and my pc froze, i restarted and my gcard was at 90 :(. i set the fan to 100% in Nvidia control panel, and the fan rpm never rises above 1600 rpm, is that normal? I have a fairly newish 650w Power supply, Q6600 quad core and 4 gigs of ram. I really dont know too much about Pc's, and dont really know anyone who does, so anyone who could help out this noob with some suggestions as to what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. Can u show us the link of your card? It is single slot cooler card?
    That temps are high. Make sure your case is free from dust, re-apply the thermal paste sometimes help a lot... :)
    Also try update the driver with the latest one...
  2. That is indeed high temps for GTS 250. @ 105 C, your indeed starting to fry the card and it got unstable. My GTS 250 idles @ 46 C and 80 C @ full load via furmark. I don't have an aircon in my room. I specifically use Rivatuner to control fan speed and some OC stuff.

    Maybe its time to clean up some dust inside the case and the card itself. Plus, as said by wa1, reseat the cooler and re-apply the thermal paste. That should give you a drop in temps. If not then the cooling solution in your card is the problem.
  3. Hi, thanks for the replys, when it first started over heating i took it out and cleaned all the dust from the fans, and put some thermal paste on it, it didnt make that much of a noticable difference :( Ive only got the stock fan for cooling, and im not sure how efficient that is running.
  4. Most new Nvidia GPUs are rated to run at 105C, but that does NOT mean you should run your card at that temp on a daily basis. Check your case for airflow/dust issues... if possible, reapply thermal paste on the GPU... and be sure you're running the card at stock values.
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