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hey guys i have a msi 5850, and im gona go water cooled here this week. but im really trying to get creative with this i have custom painted the cover on the 5850 now and it looks real good, i painted it emerald green and black accents, pretty much like the rest of my system. but i have been checking out the 5850 waterblocks from like ek and danger den and swiftec etc.. and they are just too big to be able to do some custom work on the card housing, so my question is can i just get any old vga waterblock with the 4 holes to mount or do i need to get the one made for my card. let me remind u i am new to water cooling thanks guys!
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  1. There's a little bit more to the cooling than just the GPU chip. The old 4-point mounting generic blocks won't cool the VRMs or RAM. If you have a look at the EK 5850 water block: EK Water Block Instructions PDF

    This shows all of the components that are being cooled by the WC block.

    I know you'd have preferred something. smaller but I still suggest painting one of those (not necessarily EK) if that's the way you want to go, just take care not to spray the contact surface.

  2. well ya well in order for me to keep myhosing on there it still has the thermal pads for all that other stuff and i was going to keep the fan in there also, i know that kinda defeats the purpose of water cooling but i just kinda want it to look like the oem look u know what i mean i have kinda thought most of it through but just wanna know if most normal vga water blocks will mount up to the holes on my card thanks for the reply
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