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Hey - thanks in advance ;)

Thinking of buying a GTX275 to replace a 7600GS but the motherboard (Asus P5E VM HDMI) has a crap layout :( and that the second half of the card will either sit on top of the SATA connectors (that's if the PCI-X connector is on the right of the card as you look down) or obscure the slot that I have an Asus Xonar in (if the connector is on the left of the card as you look down).

Anyone know of a motherboard compatibility-type list for the cards that will help me identify how well it will fit before I go ahead and buy it?

Better still, has anyone fitted one? What problems did you have?!

THANKS! :bounce:
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  1. The only place you can install the card is in the blue PCI-E lane, which will cover the sata connectors, but don't worry. Just get some 90 degree angled sata cables

    Looks like this

    You may have got some with your motherboard, if not then you can just buy some online.
  2. Thanks!! As it's a 2 x 3 bank, won't the 90* cables obscure one of the other connectors? I'll have to go have a look and see what I can just do with it...

    Meant PCI-E (hung over!!)
  3. I think with the top 2 sata ports you could use 90 degree angled sata cables and use 90 degree sata cables for the bottom 2 aswell

    So the top 2 sata cables would face upwards towards the top of your case, and the bottom 2 sata cables would face downwards towards the bottom of your case.

    Hopefully you dont have any more than 4 sata components
  4. Yups you're right - 3 actually ;)

    Having now thought about it tho - isn't a GTX275 a bit ... well ... a bit of a bad buy? I'm gonna go check out the Charts and see what Tom says :P
  5. Well I think it is, but I may be alittle biased as I have a HD5850, If your not bothered about DX11 then a HD4890 is cheaper than a GTX275 and performs about the same. Or if you can spend alittle more you can pick up a HD5850 which performs slightly better than a GTX285.
  6. I did the flip to nVidia a while ago and haven't seen a reason to flip back --- (I make it sound like I'm making pancakes). Availability is the arse on EVERYTHING at the moment. Not impressed... And yeh do want DX11 but being cautious (as I suppose most ppl are) re: Fermi. But then it's still gonna be £300 either way... I just want to get rid of this crappy 7600GT...!!!! Playing GTA IV is like watching Question Time on mushrooms...
  7. Nooo!!! Stop tempting me you foul temptress type person!! :D Thank you!! :)
  8. :lol: Well if you can wait a few months for Fermi, then wait. As its likely that there will be a price war and the price of a 5850/5870 will come down, Or Fermi will be a better deal, Who knows.

    But if you cant stand question time anymore then the 5850 is the way to go, I'm sure you'd be happy with it. Good luck :)
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