ASUS 790x With Corsair DDR3 RAM problems?

I havn't bought these items yet (ASUS 790x motherboard, 4gb (2x2) Corsair DDR3 1600MHz) but I've heard about compatability issues with this set. I don't want to buy them if they won't work together so if anyone has any suggestions or could confirm their compatibility, that would be great :)


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  1. Well, to start, these G.Skill sticks are faster and cheaper.

    There shouldn't be any compatibility issues. Asus/Corsair would have big problems if their products didn't work with each other.
  2. Our memory certified on current AMD boards is listed here:

    The kit you list will run on your board but is not suggested for it. It's the "A" version which has different ICs than the "B" version. The B is certified at 1600 where most users cannot run 1600 with the A version. That's why we make 2 different parts.
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