Hwo do you knowif the motherboard isdead

ASUS P5Q3Deluxe will not boot, post beep, or even reset when pressing the button on the board. Is the board dead? if so how can it be I hardly used i.e. may be between 5 and ten time!
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  1. Welcome Newcomer! :)

    A bad PSU, CPU or MOBO can present itself similarly; no beeps PSU or MOBO. To determine conclusively you would need a DVM {Digital Voltage Meter} ~$30 and test the PSU. If your PSU has either a reset or fuse then check that first.

    Components fail almost immediately <5 days to approximately 30 days. My initial guess is either a Short or Bad PSU. A quick test is to remove ALL but bare components then remove ALL mounting screws leaving the MOBO to "dangle" - support with cardboard or towel and try to restart. If that works, hope it does, then remove the MOBO and use either electrical tape or plastic {non-conductive} to support the MOBO.

    Otherwise you can breadboard the MOBO - remove ALL components out of the case and place the MOBO on cardboard, and assemble components for testing.
  2. http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/288241-13-read-posting-buyer-guides-troubleshooting
    should help you go over things more thoroughly, but I also think its more likely either a short or psu issue at this point
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