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Which is the best GPU for my computer that i should choose?

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February 10, 2010 11:26:01 AM

Alright, For the 100th post (Just to make sure before i buy everything, Theres no going back =))

E5200 - Overclocked at 3.33ghz with stock fan. I'm going to buy a new fan to OC even further.
Cooler Master Hyper TX2, With the E5200 .. how far can i go? I could really use the tips.

MSI P6NGM Motherboard
E5200 Dual core (as i mentioned before)
4GB DDR2 Rams
Windows 7
Samsung 2333SW 23" HD 1920x1080 reso monitor.
500-600Watt Power Supply (Not sure yet, Still going to get everything at one go)

Now for the VGA Part
people told me, nvidia geforce is better than ATI .. I have no idea

My budget allows me to get ONE of these vgas :


HD 5770
HD 5850
HD 4890
HD 4890 BattleForge
HD 4870 X2 (Maybe)

Nvidia :

GTS 250 OC
GTX 275 OC
GTS 250 Core Edition
GTX 260 Black
GTX 275

So? With my kind of computer specs, Which one would run best?

By the way, By the summer holiday ill have enough money for another big upgrade, Ill be going for a X58 mobo, The i7 and the 3 DDR3 rams (6gb in total). So I'm also thinking ahead, The kind of VGA that would ALSO run great with my current comp specs, and the rest later on.

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Best solution

a b U Graphics card
February 10, 2010 11:45:42 AM

Off all 5850 HD is the best you can get
It'll be good for more than two years.
You won't need to upgrade 5850 with your new PC.
You said you can get a 4870x2. right?

Wait a couple of weeks.
5830 is coming and will be cheaper than 5850 i.e. around $200-$250.

Then, when you build your new PC buy another one to get a excellent performance at the highest resolution
February 10, 2010 11:47:23 AM

I don't get your point lol. 5850, And i then i wont need the i7.
5830 for my current pc, And then when i get the i7. I buy another vga.
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a c 126 U Graphics card
February 10, 2010 1:12:49 PM

The 5850 is by far the best card there.

Just pick one up now, You'll most likely be CPU bottlenecked until you get the core i7 depending on what games you play and at what resolution.

mfarrukh can I borrow your crystal ball?
February 10, 2010 1:37:48 PM

Whats bottlenecked? :p 
February 10, 2010 2:44:19 PM

Simply put - the rest of your computer is not fast enough to keep up with the HD5850. This will limit the performance of your 5850 until you upgrade. The best card for your current system is the HD5770. It's cheap, supports DX11, overclocks well and performs about on-par with a HD4870.

But, since you said you are upgrading - the 5850 may be the best option for maximum performance. The choice is yours. If it were me, I would see how much I could get a HD5850 for and go for that.
a b U Graphics card
February 10, 2010 4:46:53 PM

Get a newer model ATI card --5xxx series, not 48xx series. These new Direct X 11 cards will be useful to crossfire in your new build-- all the rest are older DX 10 cards that use more energy and will become obsolete sooner.

The 5850 is the most powerful if you are planning for the future build, but the 5770 is a decent choice too. If you wait, the 5830 should release around the $200 mark within a couple weeks and would be a good in-between option.

Its important that you select a quality PSU manufacturer and not just pick one. You need to get a high quality Corsair, Antec, OCZ, or Seasonic power supply.
February 20, 2010 7:24:40 AM

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