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I have the Antec 302 case with ASRock Z77 Extreme4 + i5 3570k, and it has a CPU cut-out on the mobo tray. I ordered a Hyper 212 EVO from Newegg already, and was wondering if I can just leave the mobo in the tower while installing the 212 EVO without any problems? I ask because every YouTube install video they have their mobos out of the case when installing. Is it pretty easy to install overall? The YouTube tutorials mostly fast forward through the actual install... so I can't really tell.

Anyone know what model the 120mm fan included with the Hyper 212 EVO is called? I would like to purchase the exact same one for push/pull later on. Preferably from Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, Tigerdirect, or NCIX US. You guys think it's okay to use a PWM splitter for push/pull 2x fans, because I only have 1x PWM 4 pin CPU_FAN connector near the CPU.

Lastly what is the best way to remove the stock Intel fan off the CPU chip? Last time I removed my AMD CPU fan, I bent a lot of pins on the CPU, because the heatsink was stuck to the CPU.

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    1. Most cutouts will work fine(long as it lines up.). I have installed the normal 212+ that way for a friend with no problems.

    2. It is a new fan, I have not seen it for sale yet. CM seems to sell it

    3. PWM splitters work fine with medium power fans. Many have the rpm(third and yellow on most cables, but watch it as some do not use that color) wires linked from both fans. This is not right as it can lead to a miss-read on fan speed. You can cut or remove that wire if needed.

    4. Intel's LGA will not let the cpu pull out.
    -Just turn the pins and gently pull.
    -Wiggle the cpu cooler a bit to loosen it and remove.

    Hope this helps.
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