Phenom II X4 Processor Upgrade

I am upgrading my pc to an Phenom™ II X4 quad core processor and i need help figuring out which one is a better deal? The 940 or 925, the 940 is 3.0ghz while the 925 is 2.8ghz. I could overclock the 925 to 3.0ghz

Here is the amd side by side comparison:
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  1. the 925 is the better option, it has a ddr3 controller, so if you ever want to go ddr3 you can keep the cpu, whereas the 940 can use ddr2 only, the 925 is more widely compatible and its only a 200mhz perf hit

    also the 925 consumes less power and produces less heat
  2. my motherboard will only accept dd2, so a dd3 upgrade is not possible unless i change the whole board. Less power and less heat is nice plus
  3. well lets say the unthinkable happened, ur board went bad, you decide i wanna go ddr3 this time, with the 925 you can, but with the 940 ur stuck, hope i was helpful
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