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I am piecing a computer together through I know, I know, they have somewhat of a bad reputation. I know a few people that have ordered machine's through them and have had no problems. The last thing I am trying to decide on is the SSD. I have a choice between the 120 GB Intel 320 Series SATA-II 3.0Gb/s SSD - 270 MB/s Read & 130MB/s Write or the 128 GB Plextor PX-128M2P Series SATA-III 6.0Gb/s SSD - 420MB/s Read & 210MB/s Write. I plan on this system to be a gaming computer, but I do want to do some video editing and 3D modeling/Photoshop work on it. Which of these two drives would be best for my situation in your opinions? Thank you.
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  1. Sorry, I did post this twice, but the site said it didn't post before. My fault. Don't mean to have two threads about the same thing.
  2. The Intel is one of the most reliable drives on the market, so it is a question do you want reliability or speed? Both of them are going to be a lot snappier than a regular HDD.
  3. Well I want both. I have heard on a different forum that they both are reliable drives. For the most part, people on the other forum were saying that the Intel was better for gaming because it was faster at small files while the Plextor was better for editing because of it's speed with large files. The there was one person who came in and completely threw me off by saying that the plextor was actually faster at small files than the Intel. I am just confused.
  4. Those two are out of the selections that cyberpower has. Their choices are out of these brands: Corsair, OCZ, Kingston, Intel, Plextor, or ADATA. Cyberpower doesn't allow me to "not" have a hard drive so I was just going to go with one of the SSD's they have listed. I do plan on getting a better/different SSD later (Crucial probably) but for now I'm stuck with something they offer.
  5. I believe the Plextor would suite you better.
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