Diagram motherboard replacement of hdd led power sw colors of wires

i have a flat desktop tower instead of a tall one so looks like a vcr ok... I am trying to figure out where the hdd led plug and the sw power and theres two for each pair plus a green wire and white wire >>>>
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  1. Can you provide links to your motherboard & case? We need this to help you out.
  2. Unfortunately, there is no standard for identifying the polarity of front panel wires. As a rule, the common color, usually is ground.

    For power and reset switches, polarity does not matter.
    For led's polarity does matter, but ho harm is done if you connect them wrong, the led just does not work. Reverse the connection to make it work.
  3. you have four sets of two wires

    One is a hard drive light
    One is a power light
    One is a power switch
    One is a reset switch
    As geo said, the common colour tends to be ground so if most of the pairs have a black wire, it will most likely be the black, although I helped someone on here recently whose fourth pair were both odd colours, luckily it was an led wire and as such subject to the trial and error method.
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