Motherboard issues

hi, just bought a motherboard off ebay, an xfx 680i LT

he claimed it had "boot disk" issues and would sometimes need the cmos resetting to get a responce from it but he said it was down to a faulty bios on that perticular motherboard and he didnt have the time to be messing with it.

i got the motherboard and after setting it all up and turned it on i got nothing on screen, checked everything and still nothing. i kept trying and evetually it worked and when it posted i got a cmos checksum error or something which i googled and people were just saying it ment the battery was dead.

so i replaced the battery and it still had the same problem and error, only getting something on screen maybe 1 out of 10 times. the bios also seems to have no memory, when i change the bios and then restart it (eventually) all the settings are back at the default.

so i went to xfx's website to get the latest bios update and sure enough on the support section it had a post saying all 680i owners should update their bios.

i updated it sucsessfully yet im still getting the problem when turning it on.

any ideas?
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  1. Have you entered the BIOS after resetting it and saved the settings?
  2. yes, resetting the bios doesnt seem to do anything though.
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