Upgrade to GTX 275 help.

Hi there,

This is the first time posting so i hope i get all that is required.

My specs:

Q6600 @ 3.0
8gigs of PC6400 ram
5 Sata Hdds ( 2 in raid 0 config)
550w Corsair Power supply
Asus 8800gt TOP
Ultra 120 Heatsink
Antec 900 case
Vista Ultimate x64
1 28inch Monitor (1900x1200) and 1 22inch (1900x1200)
Can't remember Motherboard but its not sli compatible.

I am currently looking to upgrade my video card from an 8800gt to either a gtx 275 / gtx 285. I run all my games at 1900x1200 res.

My first question is will my power supply be able to take either a 275 / 285 or will i have to upgrade it?

Secondly, with this upgrade will i see a big performance difference if i upgrade to Windows 7 for the Direct X 11 .. i primarily play Modern Warfare: 2 and WOW (in windowed mode)

Thirdly, should i go to an ATI card if i upgrade to windows 7 are they better performance / price?

And finally should i upgrade my board to support sli and go with a sli solution?

Any help would greatly appreicated.. i just don't know what my best option is since there are so many :D
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    Hi Patrick,

    -DX 11 isnt something that will be upgraded. A GTX 275 will never be capable of it.

    -A Corsair 550w is capable of running any single card solution. EDIT: (and most 2 card solutions)

    -Dont upgrade your board until you have the money to upgrade your processor with it. The q6600 is a dead processor line-- so your next motherboard should involve you moving up to an i5 chipset. The processor you have is decent, so I would wait.

    -ATI cards are a better bang for the buck at the moment. A 5850 would be a better choice than a GTX 275/285. They use less energy and have DX 11 capability.

    -Windows 7 isnt that different from Vista.

    So in conclusion,
    1. I think you should get a ATI 5850 right now, (or 5870 if you want)
    2.then in about 6mo-1 year replace your motherboard+CPU
    3. After you save up a little more you can add a second 5850 to your new crossfire capable motherboard (the cards should be a lot cheaper then).
  2. There is nothing wrong with getting a 4890 or GTX 275 right now, though if you can afford it, then the upgrade to the 5850 is very nice. The 5850 will give you all the performance you could need for the 1920x1200 resolution, has DX11, and runs quite cool with low power consumption.

    As you cans see it is, on average, 12% faster than the GTX 275, 17% faster than the 4890, and 6% faster than the GTX 285.
  3. thanks for helping me out.. i like your plan.. i will buy a 5850 now and then when i upgrade i will buy a crossfire Mobo and get another .. u guys rock.
  4. no problem!
  5. Excellent advice, nothing to add except that you should give one of these fine fellows a best answer reward for spreading out your options without devolving the conversation into a green vs red rant. :D
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  7. I did just that..
  8. Thanks :-)
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