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HD3000 stuff about stuff

December 1, 2012 1:28:45 AM

So before I ask, I know it isn't for gaming, it's all I have right now on a laptop.
Please don't do like my previous question and bash the living sh!t out of me for asking about it.

I have an i5-2525k @2.5GHz (3.2Turbo) with an Intel HD 3000. I have Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, all overclocking features are locked, but I use it for temp, and CPU/GPU speed monitoring. I like how the i5 slows down to .8GHz to save power and cooldown, but the variable speed steps hurts performance. I fixed this by setting the power plans: power saving to .8GHz and Balanced to 100% minimum processor state, so it's locked at 2.49GHz.

No matter what settings I used the GPU is always at 650MHZ.

When gaming, I see the CPU raise to 3.09GHz like it should, but the GPU seems to only SOMETIMES jump up to 1300MHz, and whatever game I'm playing on gets HUGE FPS increases.

Question:Is there a way to "lock" the GPU to 1300MHZ too?

FYI temps: Playing games brings it up to about 70C. Lowest without load, 35-40C. Stress Testing GPU: 55C Stress Testing CPU: 75C

P.s while GPU stress testing for 15 minuites, the GPU stays locked at 1300MHz with little temp increase, so it can't be that.

Thanks for any advice, and again please don't tell mw what I already know(first sentence).

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