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Hello all! I'm in a big trouble today :ouch: My lil' bro caught a very bad virus last night I think, now I can't scan my computer, can't open any file/folder not even My Computer. When windows starts I have 10-20 seconds and than error message appears and everything stuck. "Windows Explorer has encoured a serious error and need to be closed." Also I can't access to the internet at all, all pages are like not existing or blocked. It also blocks my AV program. I can't access Safe Mode!! :pfff: Please help, I have some important data inside and I need it badly. I know only way to kill this thing will be system re-installation but I need to get data first. Thanks!
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  1. download antimalware byte from this link
    install it
    then restart computer and run it in safe mode
    perform full scan to all partition
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