Phenom II X6? Opteron?

I'm building a new AM3 computer, but need a little advice. Currently I have an AM2 system, with an Opteron 1220SE 2.8Ghz dual-core CPU installed, which has worked beautifully for me.

But now I'm stuck with what I should get for a new CPU. I've had good experience with Opterons, and the last non-Opteron I had was an Athlon X2 3800+. I'm currently looking at acquiring an Opteron 1389, socket AM3. It runs at 2.9Ghz, and is a quad-core.

Also the new Phenom II X6's came out today, and so far I've read the 1090T performs very well, atleast on par with the Phenom II X4 965.

Does anyone have experience with the Opteron 1389 for gaming? Or for any desktop performance? If not, how do you think it will be? What is the major difference between an Opteron 1389 and, for instance, the X4 965?

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  1. I see there are a couple of differences in the power features. The bus speed for the Opteron is also slightly more, though the Opteron is obviously of a lower clock speed. I'm not sure if one out-weighs the other.
  2. to me the choice is easy, 965, 3.4ghz is alot of crunching power
  3. Now how about the 1090T compared to the 965? And is the extra 0.5Ghz a huge difference between the Opteron and 965, when the only other real difference seems to be that the Opteron has a slightly faster HT speed?
  4. 500mhz is quite a bit, but doubted ull see a difference in d2d perf, but i know server cpus can b pricey, the 1090t is a gr8 cpu for video encoding and rendering
  5. The 1090T looks like a hard sell to me at $100 more than the 1055T, but maybe that's because i'd overclock my cpu anyway.
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