Whats the best server motherboards?

Hello,what is the best server and work station motherboards. I plan to build my own 3 computers from ground up. I need one as a server and 2 others as a workstation.
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  1. What will you be doing on the workstations and how many boxes will the server "serve" ?
  2. well, I will build the server for hosting my own 2 websites. I may host multiplayer video games.

    But just for now I be hosting 2 websites one will be a social network and the other will be my own companies website.

    I will have 2 computers to be workstations. I be using those computers to do programming and use 3d modeling tools for making 3d video games.

    I would also program fpga chips etc so I need a parallel port on the motherboard.

    the workstations will be used to make 3d video games of todays graphics.

    so that be programming,3d modeling tools art and 2d artwork using gimp. I will also create music using software to help create music and sound effects.

    these computers will also be used for everyday things like using turbo tax for tax purposes.

    I have a business name registered and was told I can get a 50% discount if I directly work with the manufacture.

    I also do plan on being a reseller down the road using my social networking website I made.
  3. The server will be used to host my websites for external traffic not using it for internal operations.
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