What is the name for the 4 pin fan connectors?

Hi guys,

I need to mod some fans but I can't find cheap 4 pin connecters by just looking for "4 pin fan connectors"

So far the all I can find is a fan for $2 with 4 pin connectors that I need, but I was hoping that if I could find what the name of them was they might show up in a search for cheap. Maybe like 10 for 5 bucks or so?

Other wise Ill have to spend $20 (or so) on these and throw the fans away.

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    Try PWM
  2. Thanks Tommy

    That comes up with more accurate results but they are more expencive than buying them with a fan (on eBay anyway).

    Ill search for them in some other places too.

    I have found out the proper name is Molex KK 4 pin or something similar but there is even less results for that.
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  4. TommyGunDam said:
    Try PWM

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