Gaming PC $800


RANGE: 750-800 (cheaper better)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, movies, rendering videos, web browsing, e-mail

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, monitor, mouse, OS, speakers.

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: unless you find a good deal elsewhere

PARTS PREFERENCES: I've always used AMD, it's cheaper and seems pretty good but I'm up for suggestions. I've never used INTEL.



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Was originally going to pick up a 5850 for $230, but I can't now. So Maybe the 4890 for $169 at tigerdirect

I'll be looking at newegg to get some ideas of what parts while I'm waiting for replies.
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  1. does the 750 to 800 budget include the 230 for the GPU ?
  2. Yes, so that leaves 570 for every thing else.
  3. Everything else = Case, PSU, Mobo, CPU, RAM, HDD?

    Gigabyte 770T-USB3 Motherboard $90

    AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE CPU $160

    4GB DDR3-1333 Cas7 RAM $110

    Samsung F3 500GB HDD $55

    Antec 200 Case $40

    Antec Earthwatts EA 650 PSU $75
  4. Well you can get the AMD 955 CPU and this motherboard combo I found at ewiz thats a great deal thats cheaper and better than newegg.

    I couldnt find any combos on newegg for the 955 BE.
    But heres my build that I'm getting for around $850 including the 5850 and the combo I already listed above.
    Heres a good PSU and optical drive combo. OD's arent that big of a deal, all the ones on newegg are pretty good.
    I dont know a lot about PSU's but this is the one I'm getting, its cheap, free shipping and is 80+ certified and has $25 MIR.

    The case is more personal preference than whats good, depends on if you want a side window, good cooling, nice LEDs, cool looking.
  5. My build above is $453 with MIRs. (Mail in Rebates) Which does leave about $120 to play with a case, and sales tax (depending on where you live), shipping (which shouldnt be much since newegg has a lot of free shipping.
  6. Looks like I won't be getting that 5850 any more for $230... =(
  7. This is what i did.

    MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail
    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb 3.4GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor Model HDZ965FBGMBOX - Retail

    OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ600MXSP 600W ATX12V V2.2 / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC ... - Retail
    Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

    Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model 996652B - Retail

    SAPPHIRE 100283-3L Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card - Retail

    LITE-ON Black 24X DVD+R 24X DVD-R SATA Black 24X DVD Writer LightScribe Support - Retail

    COOLER MASTER Elite RC-332-KKN1-GP Black SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail

    Total: $800.92 mail-in rebate:$55
  8. Orlandonev13 if I just went with this mobo \ cpu combo I could use the extra $100 to get the HD 5850 over the 5770 which I'm sure will perform better then your Mobo \ Cpu combo with the 5770.

    Am I right? I didn't think processors and motherboards affected gaming performance as much as a much better video card but maybe I'm wrong.
  9. Games now are becoming more and more video card intensive. Cpu and Mobo dont help a ton, thats the mistake I almost made, I thought that having the fastest cpu and best mobo would give more a better gaming experience and it does but its only a 3 to 8 frame per second increase depending on the cpu, games definitely are geared more towards the video card. Yes you should get the 5850 for sure. Its about 20 to 40% better than the 5770, depending on the game and even two 5770's arent as good as a single 5850. But check this out whitefang, I found a great combo that has a BETTER MOBO and a BETTER CPU for a LOWER PRICE!
    This mobo can crossfire, dual 8x, and has a $15 Mail in Rebate! Combo this board with the AMD 955 BE at the bottom of the screen and you save another $29! All together with MIR, its $220 for a better mobo and cpu. and it has free shipping too!! enjoy! :)
  10. Yeah that's a pretty good combo. Wanted to keep all the parts from newegg but if I don't find anything better by the end of the weekend I'll probably be getting that. Only thing I'm seeing that's not so great is the reviews. not terrible, but not the best.
  11. Thats true, most of the bad reviews on that board were DOAs (dead on arrival) but if you look theres only about 4 a month out of hundreds of purchases. Theres always the risk of DOA when you purchase anything, I just pick that out for you just incase you wanted to crossfire in the future. It has dual 8x which is fine but some motherboards have dual 16x which is the best crossfiring you can get but those mobos are around $170. But that looks out of your range. Its just another option you have. I'm not gonna tell you what to get but I'll definitely give you some options.
  12. Alright well I decided I should probably go with a 5770. The 5850 is kind of out of my price range and the 5770 seems pretty good for the $.

    I thought I might want to go with the combo you suggested squirrel but I really liked this mobo I chose and I wanted to keep most of the parts on newegg.

    Here's what I got


    1. XFX HD-577A-ZNFC:
    2. Antec EA650:

    $55 WD HD 500GB caviar blue Western Digital Caviar Blue

    Is there a better hard drive for the price?

    1. Cooler Master SGC-2000-KKN1-
    2. Sony Optiarc America Inc AD-7240S-0B:

    Total after shipping is $668
  13. if I was to get this processor

    and this motherboard

    what are my chances of unlocking the 3rd and 4th cores?
  14. 35 %........
    lol just kiddin
    why arent u buyin the 5850?
  15. Here's my other option.

    $95 Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition Callisto 3.1GHz

    PSU: 2. Antec EA650:

    Case: Cooler-master scout Cooler Master
    DVD: Sony optiarc 24X

    HD: Western digital Caviar blue 500GB

    VideoCard: ATI HD 4890 Refurbished

    $98.99 2x2GB DDR3 A-data

    I don't know much about ram so if there's a better option let me know.

    Total: including shipping $710

    Hoping to unlock the 3rd and 4th cores on the Dual core, I've been reading the reviews and it seems like almost every one has been successful.
  16. I realised I didn't want to spend as much as before, and I think the 5850 will be kind of overkill. I used to play on a 4830 and it was fine for me. so the 4890 should be a beast.

    *EDIT* am I missing some thing in my build? $611 just seems really low for those parts. hmmm...

    *EDIT2* Aha, the ram O: ok, I edited my post above and it has the ram now lol. Let me know what you guys think.
  17. I went through all the stages you did. I had a $800 to $850 gaming build problem too. I wanted to get the 5770 because it was cheap and then I wanted to get the 550 because it was cheaper and there was a chance that I would unlock the other cores etc. Gaming rigs are centered around the GPU. Thats why I down graded a my cpu and mobo a little bit so that I could afford the 5850 which is about 20 to 30% better than the 5770 depending on the game.,2446-7.html
    Look at the other game bench marks too. Yes the 4890 isnt too far behind but it doesnt have dx11 and among other things.
    Your 4890 is also refurbished, so I would be careful about that, eventually I stopped being cheap and started going for the guarantee instead of hoping to unlock the cores and hoping the refurbished item wont give me problems. Its your decision, I would just recommend the 5850, but the 4890 is good too but there is a risk with refurbished items.
  18. Well I do have a 30 day warranty so if it doesn't work no biggie.
  19. $95 Processor: AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition Callisto 3.1GHz

    PSU: 2. Antec EA650:

    Case: Cooler-master scout Cooler Master
    DVD: Sony optiarc 24X

    HD: Western digital Caviar blue 500GB

    VideoCard: ATI HD 4890 Refurbished

    $114.99 2x2GB DDR3 1600 G.skill Ripjaw

    Total: including shipping $727

    I'm still not sure on the processor, ram, and HD. It would be a bummer if I couldn't unlock the other cores.

    *EDIT* changed the ram
  20. Well the cpu you listed and the link dont match, its a 555 in the link.
    Why dont you get a X3? Its the same price as the AMD 555, but it has 3 cores so even if you dont unlock the 1 core, you still have 3 instead trying to unlock 2 cores. Its a win-win scenario. If you fail with the X3, you still have 3 cores, if you win you get 4 cores, its the same reward as the 555 but the risk is less.
  21. Might do that, It's clocked at 2.8 ghz instead of 3.2 ghz, and it has no HSF. But we'll see.
  22. What's C3 revision mean on the Phenom II X2 555?
  23. I wouldn't go for either of those CPU's(for your budget). But definitely don't go with the dual-core.

    If you really feel like you need to save the extra $60, I would go with a quad-core Athlon. Depending which model you get, they can be had from $95-120.

    I think you would be better off putting the money saved towards a more powerful video card, the 5850 would be my preference.

    woops, i see you have already bought the video card.
  24. No I haven't bought anything.
  25. Why go with a low speed athlon quad core with no L3 cache? I thought quad cores weren't even used all that much, and the slow speed doesn't help. Wouldn't a Phenom II 3.2 ghz Dual core with L3 cache and the capability of unlocking the other cores be better then a slow quad with no L3 cache?
  26. whitefang said:
    Why go with a low speed athlon quad core with no L3 cache? I thought quad cores weren't even used all that much, and the slow speed doesn't help. Wouldn't a Phenom II 3.2 ghz Dual core with L3 cache and the capability of unlocking the other cores be better then a slow quad with no L3 cache?

    First of all, there is hardly a guarantee that you can even unlock any of the other cores.

    Second of all, you have a MUCH better chance of getting a great overclock out of the Athlon.

    As far as whether or not a quad core will help, it depends. Some games will only make use of one or two cores. However, most modern games (and future games) will be able to make us of at LEAST three cores. The quad core will also be superior when doing things besides gaming. This particular processor is recommended by Tom's at it's price point.

    Check these out:,2520-3.html,2416-9.html

    It's really up to you. For me personally, I would try to bend the budget a bit and spend the extra $60 on a phenom and get a good video card. But if I felt I had to be strict about the budget, I would go with the Athlon.

    That guy reached 3.2 GHz without having to adjust any voltages AND on the stock AMD cooler.

    These guys went nuts and got the CPU to 3.73 GHz on an air cooler. They did have to increase the voltage though.

    Overclocking varies among chips, but I think that most places agree that this CPU is one heck of an overclocker. Some sites call it "a poor man's Phenom" in that by overclocking you can get the performance near a Phenom II X4. Of course if you overclocked the Phenom and the Athlon, the Phenom would win, but that is not the point here.

    Just trying to give you a bit more information.
  28. is $130 really worth it to get a 5850 over a 4890?
  29. Its hard to tell, I think so. Just do some research. I looked and I didnt find a forum with all the reasons why 5850 is better than the 4890 but it is scattered around. This is what I have read from many of the forums.

    1. 5850 is better than the 4890, (about 10% better or more depending on the game.)
    2. 5850 has DX11, more games in the future will have DX11 (ex. Half Life2 episode 3)
    3. 5850 runs much cooler, quieter, and requires less power to run. (saves money on PSU too)
    4. 5850 is much easier to overclock, people have said to have overclocked their 5850 to just a little over the 5870's stock settings (not sure if they used stock cooler or a aftermarket cooler)
    5. Is future proofed and wont need to be replaced for a few years.


    for a little if you crossfire 2 4890's they blow the 5850 out of the water, but thats A LOT of power to handle and doesnt have DX11, this will cost you and extra $30 or so if you go this route.
    Just do a little research if you can and its up to you to make the decision.
  30. No, not if you are looking at the performance/dollar. Not even the DX11 stuff warrants that kind of price increase.

    I forgot about the rather large gap between those two video cards.

    Here is what you should think about...

    Nvidia will be releasing Fermi sometime soon(though no one can know exactly). This would hopefully drive down the prices of ATI's video cards, as long as Fermi is up to par.

    Also, ATI made a statement that they should be coming out with something in between the 5770 and the 5850. That would be the card I would recommend to you, but once again it isn't out yet, and there are no benchmarks on it. I'm not sure if you want to play the waiting game, but that option is there.

    Other than that, it's really hard to say what you should do. Mostly it's up to you. I definitely wouldn't get anything weaker than the 4890, but if it was me I would want something a bit stronger. Nothing at the tip top of the line, but something more recent I guess. Unfortunately that hardware does not exist unless you are willing to shell out the cash for a 5850.

    Sorry if this advice seems indecisive, but the truth of the matter is that I don't really know what the best option is. I wasn't planning on buying a new pc until this summer, and by then all of Nvidia's stuff should be out, meaning I will have a better idea of what is a good buy.

    Good luck
  31. Yeah I was thinking about the 5830 but I need a PC this week, and who knows when the 5830's coming out. They keep delaying it. I think I'll just get a 4890 and then down the road I'll pop another 4890 in and by then most games should be able to use crossfire a lot better.

    Will the Earthwatts 650 be enough for Dual 4890s?
  32. Gaming computers don't need as beefy a cpu but it's still nice to have the multi tasking ability of a quad core even if it only runs 2-3 for gaming.

    I prefer Asus products personally. Usually a few dollars more then Gigabyte but I've never had an issue with one of their mb


    Case has decent air flow and good cable management. Even has the rubber gaskets in the cable slots.

    The Scythe Mugen 2 packs a fair bit of cooling for it's price and does well on AMD cpus.

    Ram isn't anything special if you watch sales you can get comparable for cheaper most likely.

    And a 5850 for a little more then the $230. The GPU is the main thing for gaming so I'd suggest cutting back on something other then the Vid Card.

    This comes to about $825 before taxes shipping and handling and mail in rebates.
  33. Hi, take a look of this configuration. Maybe can help you.

    CPU $ 99.00 Here
    MOBO $ 139.99 Here
    RAM $ 114.99 Here
    GPU $ 159.99 Here
    HDD $ 54.99 Here
    PSU $ 89.99 Here
    CASE $ 61.99 Here

    Total: $ 720,94 + MIR + SHIPPING


    CPU $ 159.99 Phenom II X4 955
    MOBO $ 139.99 Here
    RAM $ 128.99 Crucial Ballistix Tracer 1333
    GPU $ 169.99 5770
    HDD $ 89.99 Spinpoint F3 1TB
    COMBO PSU + CASE $ 129.98 Here

    Total: $ 818,93 + MIR + SHIPPING
  34. Was trying to keep every thing well below $800, was leaning more towards $700.
    I want some thing better then a 5770, that's why I chose 4890.

    I've also been looking at some benchies and the 5850 only performs 5-15 fps over the 4890, definitely not worth $130 to me.

    Victom, I was thinking about getting that mobo but it's 2nd X16 slot only runs at X4 speed if you get another video card. So that's why I went with the one I chose.
  35. Hmmmm ya you could crossfire the 4890's later down the road. But for your current monitor resolution, it's a bit overkill.

    Here's what I'm thinking. Get a cheaper mobo, maybe one that doesn't have CF support. Get the 4890, but then put that little bit of saved money towards a better GPU later down the road. I think that 4890 should last you a good bit though.

    If you really want the CF support, then here is a good board with a decent mail in rebate.

    My best advice for the mobo is to try not to sacrifice quality, but also do not pay for features you will not use. The problem with crossfiring the 4890's is that who knows how long they are still gonna be in production. I mean you can't even find them on Newegg anymore. So instead of planning for CF, I would just be planning on completely replacing the card with whatever is good at the time.
  36. 1. AMD AMD athlon 435 Rana 2.9 ghz: $74.99
    2. GIGABYTE GA-MA790GPT-UD3H: $104.99
    Combo Discount: -$15.00

    1. XFX HD 5850: $299.99
    2. OCZ Technology MODXtremePro 700W: $89.99
    Combo Discount: -$35.00

    1. Cooler Master scout: $89.99
    2. Sony Optiarc 24X DVD burner: $27.99
    Combo Discount: -$10.00

    HD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500418AS 500GB

    $96 RAM: ??? what should I get for under $100 I picked this

    Total with shipping is $791
  37. Dang, memory prices have shot up since the last time I looked.

    That's what I would go for. $2 more, w/free shipping. I like it more purely on the fact that is is a "proven" product. There are a lot of good reviews from Newegg about that set. The latencies are the same as the Patriot, but I believe it operates at a higher speed.

    You must really want that case haha. If I was putting $800 into a computer, I don't know if I would do a $90 case. My choices would be:

    Cases are a much more personal preference, and for me I like simple, black cases with good airflow. If you went cheaper on the case, you could get a quad core cpu.

    Are you sure you want the 5850? Don't get me wrong, it's a great card, but looking back I do really think you would be completely happy with something a little less powerful(and much less expensive lol). I guess it's just a little strange to see an awesome video card coupled with a lower end processor.
  38. I agree texas, thats why I gave him this build:

    DVD burner ($23, free shipping):

    Hard drive ($55, free shipping and better for gaming):

    RAM/Case ($126):

    PSU/GPU ($355, $25 MIR):

    Motherboard/CPU ($197, $10 MIR):

    Total $756, -$35 MIR's. SO even without the MIRs you only go $6 over. You got the 5850 and a 4 core phenom too! He insisted on wanting the Scout case. lol Its not like the Coolermaster in my build is horrible. lol If he really wanted to I guess he could go with the 4890 and get the Scout case. But like we all said, its personal preference.
  39. You think the processor would be a bottleneck? I just really like that case.
  40. hmmmm bottlenecking is often tough to evaluate. I don't think that the cpu would bottleneck your gaming experience that much. but a quad-core would just be better for all around computing performance (multitasking, video encoding, etc.)

    here is what I do know. Hexacore and octacore processors will be here before you know it. software (such as games) will not yet be optimized to make use of all of those cores/threads. HOWEVER, games will definitely be optimized to make use of more than two cores. At this point in the game, i really feel like a quad core is THE way to go if you want to be ready for upcoming games.

    of course the gpu is important, but either the 4890 or 5850 would suit you just fine.

    but like i said, you should REALLY do what makes you happy. and if that involves getting the nicer case, you should definitely go for it. don't spend $750 on internal hardware if it's wrapped in a $50 piece of crap that you simply despise lol. Otherwise, you won't be satisfied. this is your personal preference, and i will leave it at that.
  41. I think it might be, I'm not 100% sure. But if you really want to, you can add the X4 925 deneb and combo that with your GA-MA790GPT-UD3H. It would put you at $841 but with the $50 in rebates, its more like $791. I just hate to see a great videocard and a decent cpu. Just think about it for a little bit. I went from every extreme possible trying to get my build together in the last 2 weeks. I went from having a $700 build to pushing it to a $800 build and I wanted to have a i5-750 and a 5770 (which isnt worth it as a gaming build) then i tried getting the 5850 with the i5 under $800 (which is impossible.) I jumped from case to case from thermaltake to coolermaster to antec. Then someone told me I should get an AMD build and I didnt want to and I wanted a really wanted a great Cpu but I couldnt afford it, etc etc. I've been through it all. lol but thats the fun of making your own build, just make sure your happy with it in the end and do your research! Newegg isnt the only place that sells parts too! Just make sure your happy with your build. :)
  42. whitefang said:
    so for $5 this would be a better CPu/mobo combo?

    No, not in my opinion. But like I said, I think at this point quad-cores are the way to go, especially when you can get them for $100. These are simply my personal preferences.

    If you don't plan on overclocking, then yes, get a faster dual-core or triple-core. But overclocking is really more of a feature today, a feature that can take a slower quad core to the Phenom II level and beyond (with relative ease and for free lol).
  43. I chose that processor because I heard the chance at unlocking the 3rd and 4th cores on the above processor are very high.
  44. That is probably true but the stock cooler isnt meant to withstand 4 cores, its meant for 2 cores and you will probably need an aftermarket cooler.
  45. Nah I don't think it needs an aftermarket cooler for the extra cores. I see tons of reviews saying they have unlocked them with the stock HSF.
  46. CM Storm Scout $90

    Athlon X4 620 $96

    Gigabyte UD3P $67 after MIR

    HD 4890 $170 refurb according to you

    A-Data memory $98

    HDD $60

    Dvd burner $25

    Corsair 650 TX PSU $90 after MIR, could probably go cheaper here, but this is a quality PSU

    That's $696, without searching for any combo deals. You did say you don't like spending money right? well this is a pretty cheap offering that gives you the opportunity to spend that saved money later down the road when you have a better idea about what your computer needs in order to satisfy you.

    In regards to unlocking the other cores, I only have an opinion. Yes, I am sure there are a lot of people that have been successful. However, I would never spend $800 on a gaming desktop not knowing for sure if it would be a quad-core or a dual-core. I mean, that's a pretty big deal. It's basically hit or miss there. You can either be lucky, or get stuck back in the year 2005 with a dual-core while the rest of the world is moving on to octacore processors.

    If you are thinking you need the L3 cache, I suggest you go back and read that article I linked. The L3 cache does not make a huge difference in gaming performance. But if you somehow got stuck with a dual-core instead of the quad-core you thought you could unlock, well that will make a huge difference in gaming performance.

    A question I would pose is that if its pretty much guaranteed that those extra cores can be unlocked, then why are so many people buying the quad-core Phenoms when they can save the money and get a dual core and unlock the others?

    And with that, I rest my case. I think I have given all of the opinions I have, so you at least know my thoughts. Now it's time for you to decide what you want.
  47. I agree with texas, everything that could and needed to be said is done. lol its decision making time. Its been lots of fun all of this, I've actually learned a lot from this! lol But goodluck whitefang with whatever you purchase in the end.
  48. Well I've put you guys through some hard work so I'll get what I think's best from what you've all told me and let you know how it goes in a few days :P
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