Checking BIOS setting before installing OS ?

Newbie being very cautious question: I get the beep for a post as I should, I try to enter bios to make sure everything is set ok by hitting delete (which is per instruction of MB) but either I cannot time it correctly (I've tried several different times) or it just won't let me. Thing is, it shows the CPU and the RAM correctly, shows no ide drives (I'm using a SATA), but after that it goes so quickly off the screen that I cannot tell if it is showing my HD or anything else! Then it says 'failure', insert CD/DVD into the drive and reboot to install OS. I'd do this but I just want to make sure I won't be sorry.
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  1. Thats pretty normal behavior.

    Are the lights on your keyboard blinking at any point? If you have a USB keyboard on an older motherboard you may need to use a PSU keyboard to get into the bios and enable legacy USB or USB keyboard or something like that.

    Try starting to hit delete over and over as soon as you reboot the computer, that way you wont miss the timing.
  2. Lights don't blink but there is a light showing that the keyboard is powered. It is an older keyboard, so it doesn't use USB. I did try hitting delete over and over. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I need to try a different keyboard (though this one did work before.) I don't have a USB keyboard here right now though. Thing is, I'd like to make sure I have a functioning keyboard because if I start the OS install, I'll probably need it at some point, eh?
  3. Problem solved. It must have been the keyboard. I connected an even older one and it worked. Thanks.
  4. Once you start the OS install, you will find out if your keyboard isnt working. Alot of it will be mousey interface, but the tab key should move focus around.
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