Is this card dead? (8800 GTS)

Hey all. So I dusted off my old 8800 GTS to pop into one of my computers but I noticed one of the silo thingys came off. Please see the pic for a better description. Its a water cooled card so I can't test it without going through the hassle of hooking it up to the water cooling loop. I am imagine there are no wasted parts on a gpu.

Please take a look.

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  1. Learn to sauter, I think that should fix it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I will see if I can do that. Does anybody know if the card will function without that little silo?
  3. BFG has a lifetime warranty, and it doesn't appear abused.
    I'm sure this kind of thing has happened before
    because I've come very close to tapping one of those against the HDD cage
    once or twice. notice how on newer cards they don't really place them on the square edge like that anymore.
  4. @ Kinglou: Magneezo has a point on the warranty, no harm in trying their 24/7 line for information.
    If that is a no go those components can be replaced, it looks to be just a capacitor, they cost pennies and any competent electronics repair engineer can do so quickly enough. Try your local 'mom and pop' computer store, a TV repair shop or similar.
  5. Actually, kinglou, I recommend going and trying to replace it. These companies usually give you free upgrade because they do not stock those cards anymore (Ex: My cousin broke his 9800GT, BFG sent him a GTS250 as a replacement).
  6. Yeah, you should try and replace it first. If not, then take it to someone who is really good with a soldering iron. You don't want to pay only to have them f*** up after all :D.
  7. Thanks guys for all the replies. I will see what BFG says, I sent them a link to this thread.
  8. RMA if you can but if you are out of luck go out to any hard ware store and pick up your self a solder iron as well some resen core lead/tin solder along with some insulated wire. I bought a dead 8800gtx off a shop last year and all it took to get it running was 3 new caps.
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