ATI Radeon 4200 play WoW?

I was thinking about buying a laptop that has a ATI Radeon 4200 series graphics card, my question is will it run World Of Warcraft, with decent settings? this is my laptop im planing on buying.
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  1. Probably not with decent settings, to be honest.
  2. Will, atleast be able to play in medium settings? im trying to find a cheap laptop that will be able to run WoW around $450.
  3. I have witnessed friends play the game on lesser IGPs, and for me as a PC gamer, what I saw I found offensively slow and crappy. But that is by my standards. No one can promise any decent gaming experience from a laptop running an IGP for graphics, but WoW was developed to cater to a large range of hardware. You might get a lot of joy from playing the game on an IGP at minimum settings, you may not.

    Just saying that you are taking a risk, but in the end you should be able to at least play the game.
  4. Quote:
    Will, atleast be able to play in medium settings? im trying to find a cheap laptop that will be able to run WoW around $450.

    The game will definitely run. I can play wow with 15-25 FPS on my ASUS netbook, a 1000HE--which sports an incredibly weak graphics chip and processor combo.

    You may lose out on eye candy, but you'll definitely be able to run lowest settings buttery smooth--perhaps even on medium settings.

    If you find out the answer to your question or end up buying one, please post it because I actually have the same question--Thanks :)
  5. it will run, raiding, pvp, northrend may drive you nuts...but it will run
  6. Well i was playing WOW for quite some time on my laptop running Intel Core 2 duo T9400 @ 2.53 Ghz with a with a Radeon HD 3400 with 256 MB. I think your card sounds a bit better. However, i will tell you that WOW only runs at 15 - 20 fps. I have to turn down the graphics features to get that performance. I do run on the max rez of 1920. If i drop the rez lower then i can get up to 38 fps. That might help you. However, nothing on the laptop compares with running it on my desktop which an intel i7 with 1 GB NVidia Geforce 9800. YOu get spoiled if you do that.
  7. Good point rkoby, the resolution matters a lot. 1920 resolution is a laptop gaming killer in most mid-range notebooks, but if you're running native at 1366x768 or 1440x900 it should be playable.
  8. OP if you can find a used macbook with the 9400M chip in it, it will run WoW on low settings around 100FPS and over 30 FPS on medium. The nvidia ION being used in new netbooks is the exact same chip, actually; the only difference is the ION doesn't have directx10 support while the 9400m does. So check out the netbook ION market as well. (scroll down for benchmarks)
  9. i know this post is old, but ive found wow to be more CPU heavy than GPU heavy, meaning you can get an ok gcard like the 4200 and a nice processor (at least quad core) w/ atleast 4gig of ram and it should run nicely.
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