Will This PSU be future proof?

Soon to be system:

Phenom X6 1055T
2X2 Ripjaws 1333 1.5V
4850 HD With Zalman

Current Psu 500 Watt Cool Master
Everyone suggests i get a new PSU Despite what Tests and calculators say.
3 different Calculators all suggest about a Recommended 450 PSU with a 400 Minimum.
These Tests by toms also show i should be ok with my current PSU.

230 Watts for the Black edition (prob 210 for 1055T) with no graphics card


With a graphics card

Correct me if im wrong but will my PSU at least last 1-2 weeks till i get some money for my new PSU?

This is what im thinking about getting:
$50 after rebates 700 watts, Crossfire Ready. Question is will it last 2 years with either a 5850 or 4850 Crossfire?

Please share your thoughts ideas and suggestions.
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  1. well your querstion is will this psu be future proof?
    yes it WILL run your currant rig but NO its NOT future proof adding anything much to your rig will make it to small esp if you add another g/card
  2. Ok than can someone Recommend a PSU for me that will run this setup:

    Phenom X6 1055T
    4 2GB ripjaws 1.5V
    3 Sata Hard Drives
    5850 Crossfire

    Or a Cheaper alternative of 4850 Crossfire (or a single 5850). This being the future of my rig, i want to buy a PSU to last 2-3 years.
  3. you do realize the power figures on the toms review is for the whole system and not just the cpu

    whats your budget for a psu?
  4. Yeah i know, which means my System should be fine with my PSU, but everyone disagrees.

    Budget is about $80-$100 as im broke. Also a Blue LED and Modular are a huge plus.
  5. your US and im in the uk so i cant realy suggest one within a budget for you as i have no clue about the us market appart from its cheaper. But mainly go for a good make Antec seasonic or XFX are good examples
  6. here, $89.99 after rebate, this will last you a minimum of 3 years...
  7. That rebate only has 2 more days on it.
    If its still on sale next week ill prob get it.

    But i was looking at this one, the only thing about this is it has 4 12V rails with 18 Amps on each one. I cant remember if your suppose to add them or not. I do remember an old post about where Intel recommends 2 lower amped rails over 1 high amped rail due to heat.


    Also seen this:

    950 Watts for $100, on sale Saved $80. That cool Max should be plenty, 600 Watts for the Graphics (crossfire 4850 or 5850) and 180 Watts for the CPU. The rosewill shows 900 Watts for the graphics and CPU combined.
  8. Listen, and listen closely, a PSU is probably the most important component in your case. It has the ability to fry anything & everything in your case. That being said... There are only a select few brands i would choose when it comes to power supplies. There are many junk power supplies out there and you don't want one in your Rig, trust me...

    some OCZ
    some Antec
    PC Power & Cooling
    some Enermax

    My point here is two things, first, stay AWAY from the Rosewill PSU as it is junk. Second, that OCZ PSU you posted is ok but you wanted a "Futureproof PSU" and that OCZ PSU only has 2 x PCI-E power connectors. If you ever plan on crossfire/SLI, you will need at least 4 as using the adapters is not advisable.
  9. jonpaul37 said:

    some a few OCZ
    some most Antec
    PC Power & Cooling
    some Enermax

    All Corsair models are very good.

    Seasonic and PC P&C have excellent reputations.

    OCZ markets three (I think) PSU lines. One is OK. Two are what I would call "barely adequate". I never recommend OCZ because I never can remember which is which. (I'm old.)

    Except for the sub-500 watt Antec Basiqs, the Antec lines are pretty good.

    No direct experience with Enermax - so no opinion.
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